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About Me

Welcome to Jukia's Creations!

My name is Jukia.  I am a young college student who enjoys using computers religiously.

I have enjoyed every version and expansion of the Sims games released by Maxis and EA Games.   I also enjoy playing Spore, Fable, SimCity, and many other games.  I am eagerly awaiting the next expansion for the Sims 3.

Currently I am playing the Sims 3 and have fallen in love with it.   I especially love the ease that one can recolor and repattern items.  With this in mind and a wee bit of inspiration from my simmies, I have been creating new creations like crazy.  This has been an enjoyable and addictive experience, which has cost me many nights of 'losing track of time'.

I am a proud member of the Sims Fanatics Community.  You can find links to SFC Webpages including the pages of other members on the lefthand side of my webpages.  Please stop by their pages on your way out.

I especially would like to throw many "happy day' points to Valzgr8, an extremely kind Sims Fanatic who has greatly helped the community (and me personally).  I Loves You Lady!

Feel free to shop around my site and download what you wish.  If you find any problems with a link or photo, please let me know.

Have a wonderful day/night/week/month/year. and Don't forget to have fun while you are at it.


Contact via email:
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Method 1

Unzip .rar to an easy to locate and convenient spot on your puter, then double click the .Sims3pack to allow the EA download manager to automatically install the package to it's proper place. Enjoy!

Method 2

Unzip .rar to your Sims3 downloads folder, located by default here:

"C:\...\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads"

Start your Sims3 Launcher. Activate the Downloads tab on the side menu. Put a check in all of the Download checkboxes that you want to install and then click the install button. Enjoy!!!

note:  Any included .jpg inside the .rar are merely for visual reference to the download and is NOT necessary to use the download. Delete it if you want to.



Thanks for being a part of the Sims3 Fanatics Community!  I enjoyed creating this, as I enjoy all of my creations.  Feel free to download and share them as you like.  I only ask that you please include the original S3FCReadME and provide credit and alink back to the Sims3Fanatics Community, or my personal Sims3 Webpage.

YAY! I sure hope you have fun!

Member of the SimsFanaticsCommunity, Sims2FanaticsCommunity, and the Sims3FanaticsCommunity.

Access My Website at 

Questions and comments can be directed to .


I give credit to the makers of the Sims 3, thank you for all of the game and wonderful objects, patterns, and colors that I can use to throw together my creations.

Thank you Valzgr8 for all of your help, encouragement, and encouragement that has helped me in more ways than one.

Thanks to the Sims Fanatics Community for being so welcoming to my creations.

Thank you computer for tolerating all of my whining and for making you stay up way too late.

Thanx to my hubby for attempting (and doing a decent job at that) to put up with my addictive nature.

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